Terms & Conditions

We'll refund your payment in full if you don't get the committed number of free user licenses of G Suite with in 24 hours of your domain verification with Google

We don't accept any retuns or excange of Accounts once G Suite Account setup completed and delivered credentials.

Terms of Serice
1. We are only selling our unused domains on which you can get G Suite free subscriptions by changing/ swapping primary domain/ adding secondary domain. We are not selling/ re-selling any Google Products. We'll not be responsible for any violation of Terms of Service (ToS) of G Suite after delivery of admin credentials to you.
2. We'll not be responsible for any insidence of your G Suite account disabled by Google due to any violation of their Terms of Service (ToS). As you got privilleged with superadmin of G Suite account, so, you will be be fully responsible for such insidence if occurred.
3. We'll not be responsible for any technical issues and / or service downtime etc. of G Suite. As it's Google's service, so, it may be happen at Google's end. You can ask Google directly as G Suite account administrator for further help & support if needed.
4. Digital Goods are given their own unique category under the Consumer Contracts Regulations and are therefore not services or goods. When it comes to digital goods, there isn’t any buyer or seller protection on them. This is the same for any virtual item purchased. Due to this, you won’t be eligible to claims any refund though third party payments providers (like PayPal).

If there are any disputes related to your order(s) you please contact us.
G Suite Free
Email: info @ gsuitefree.net